Art For Peace

Whose responsibility is it to keep the peace in a country? The government? The police? The society?

Wrong. Kenya is home to millions and it is the duty of each one of us to protect the peace in our country. We have come a long way and there are scars that will never heal, but we survived our country’s history. We learnt the value of standing united as a nation.

The time has come again when we must look beyond tribal differences and see our countrymen. When we must join hands in defending the peace in our homeland of Kenya, and do everything in our power to ensure the 2017 General Elections are going to be peaceful elections.  After all, would you not do everything in your power to ensure the door to your house is secure at night and that your loved ones are all safely inside? This is our legacy.

Use Art to spread peace
Use Art to spread peace

So what can a brand do to ensure the message of peace rings loud and true throughout the country? This is the noble cause that saw the birth of #ArtForPeace, a campaign by Unga Wa Dola to bring all artistic and peace loving Kenyans together on a single platform, www.artforpreace.co.ke, and spread the message of peace.

From our country’s natural beauty to our cultural diversity, rich languages and the manner in which we do things, art is in our DNA. We express it in song, dance, poetry, photography, food…in everything that makes us who we are. Art transcends our differences and unites us as one people, one nation. This makes it the perfect instrument of spreading peace and the #ArtForPeace Campaign is aimed at bringing all Kenyans together through that message: ‘we are all Kenyans and that’s all that matters.’

This campaign will run until the General Elections are held and the country calms down. It will become a national symbol reminding Kenyans what is most important in these times – peace and unity. We have built a gallery of contributions from the artistic Kenyans and peace lovers from all walks of life at www.artforpeace.co.ke/exhibition, and now our greatest task is to share these messages far and wide. It is the least we can do for our great nation.

Come, join this nation of artists and peace lovers. Go to www.artforpeace.co.ke to submit your #ArtForPeace or make a pledge to stand by peace. Let us celebrate our diversity, and do it for our country.