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LG Brandshop


Research on consumer behaviour in relation to our products and price. From the research we aligned our communication to specifically and effectively target different consumers based on product pricing.


  • -Digital & Social Media
  • - Platform Development
  • -Digital Strategy
  • - Content Creation


How would LG, an international brand claim back its glory and re-connect with its audience?


We came up with communication that was more friendlier and homely that resonated with the audience. We also conducted online campaigns to create awareness of products and increase sales. Create and amplify exclusive LG brand shop through digital channels.


A month after the launch Brand-shop made sales worth 30,000 USD. After strategic media allocation and targeting we reached over 100,000 people in the first month. During the subsequent month we re-marketed to our target audience with a conversion rate of 15%. We grew an additional active online community of over 300,000 in a span of 8 months.


  • 30K

    After Launch Month sales in USD

  • 100K


  • 15%

    Target audience Conversion Rate