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Unga Wa Dola Festive Shwari


Not every Christmas is a family Christmas. And not all families meet together over New Years. Often, people have to be away at work. For this reason, they are terribly missed by those at home.


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Unga wa Dola is a family-centered brand. One that needed to celebrate family over the festive season, regardless of where members were at the moment.


‘Bring the Christmas spirit home’ was the insight that guided our solution.We created and shared a Facebook video that captured an emotional moment: when a family member comes home through the door. Or does not.The agony and expectation displayed by those whose relative doesn’t come home conveys the real emotional tension felt. But Unga Wa Dola offered a way to avoid that: write a letter to your loved one, and post it on a special microsite. The best letters won a FestiveShwari gift, delivered by the brand ambassador to the selected family member’s doorstep. Recreating Christmas.


An outstanding performance, in an incredibly busy season:


  • 366K

    people viewed the video

  • 4.4K

    people reacted to the video

  • 700

    video shares

  • 900

    people visited the site

  • 233

    people submitted their letters