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Art for Peace Case Study


We created a platform where we called upon the Kenyan youth to express themselves artistically to spread peace.


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How would we tap on the vulnerable youth to spread peace throughout the country as we edged closer to 2017 elections?


We designed a 6 weeks campaign “Art for Peace” where we invited the Kenyan youth aged 18 – 35 years who are talented in design, visual, performance and applied arts to come together as ambassadors of peace. We used Unga Wa Dola Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to call upon the Kenyan youth to submit their unique artistic peace expressions to the “Art for Peace” microsite www.artforpeace.co.ke and for those who couldn’t submit their art pieces they joined the movement by sharing peace pledges on their social media pages. At the same time we posted “Art for Peace” video with a call to action to the microsite that showcased the diversity in culture and talent amongst the Kenyan youth.


The campaign showcased the beauty of Kenya’s talent and diversity. It got the attention of people by encouraging many to share their messages of peace through different art forms. Submissions ranged from music, dance, poetry, photography and much more. It proved that there is greatness in oneness.


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