OLX SoMA 2017 : Dragon Fly Agency Clinches Two Prestigious Awards

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. It’s a technology that has revolutionized how the world communicates and when used in the right way, it’s a key driver of social and economic good. Let’s look at the numbers so that we can have some perspective about its popularity.

Kenya has a population of about 46 million. Towards the end of 2016, there were 6.1 million Facebook active users, 2.2 million Twitter users, 3 million LinkedIn users and 1.5 million Instagram users in the country. This is a vast, ready market for content consumption and it’s no wonder hundreds of Kenyan brands have taken to social media rather than using traditional media to win the market share.

The Dragonfly team at work
The Dragonfly team at work

And this is where we come in. At Dragonfly we offer you a 360 approach to digital marketing with special daily emphasis on social media and occasional integration with traditional media and experiential marketing, so that we can deliver value to your customers and give you that edge over your competitors. Our creative team certainly spares no means to ensure you always achieve beyond your expectations. This is the same spirit that saw us win two awards for our clients in the 5th Annual OLX SoMA Awards this June.

OLX SoMA Double Win
Receiving the OLX SoMA awards

The Social Media Awards (SoMA) aim to promote the use of social media in Kenya by celebrating the best social media pages each year. Our two award-winning clients, Dairyland Products and Unga Wa Dola, have taken quite the memorable journey with us in the past year. Where once there was no brand presence, we now interact with our active online communities on a daily basis, constantly changing tact and sprucing up our content approach to keep the communities engaged. The highlight of this journey so far is the recognition by the industry through the SoMA Consumer Product Award for Dairyland and SoMA Manufacturing Award for Unga Wa Dola.

The two OLX SoMA Awards

You might have heard or been a beneficiary of the Make May Day campaign in 2016. We decided to make 2016 Labour Day a special day for people who couldn’t take the day off from work by walking around Nairobi spreading smiles. Yes, you read that right. There is no possible way to eat ice cream with a frown, and it’s a good thing Dairyland is the largest ice cream producer in this region. We surprised countless people at their work places with Labour Day Tubs and bars of Chocolart happiness. Of course we also took the campaign online by sharing these experiences with our community!

Since then we have been unstoppable in the many creative strategies we employ to stay connected with the brand’s consumers.

Unga Wa Dola is a case study of a brand that becomes a household name because of its social media activities. From Kitu Shwari to Ramadhan Shwari, Festive Shwari, Dola Art Kids, Dola Art Challenge and the ongoing Art For Peace campaign, Unga Wa Dola has become the freshest, warmest and most fun Kenyan FMCG brand on social media.

For instance, would you have expected our Festive Shwari campaign to involve letter writing? And It was a simple idea, really. We encouraged Kenyans who could not make it home for Christmas in 2016 to write a letter to their love ones explaining why they couldn’t make it. As always, we did not hold back when it came to surprising the families of the best letter writers with bales of Unga and having our popular brand ambassador Eric Omondi read the letters to them.

A brand’s social media efforts must first be aimed at making the brand a social brand before trying to drive conversions. We give our clients good results month in month out because we take time to cultivate social relationships with their customers. We invest in a community that feels like a home away from home. That’s why we dedicated the two SoMA Awards to our fans. They are the reason we are on social media.