Digital Agencies in Kenya: 5 Things To Look For

It’s now apparent that the entire marketing world has not only welcomed digital marketing into its folds, but has made it a core component of itself. The only people not reaping the fruits of using digital platforms are those so rooted in the past that it is only a matter of time before they too become extinct.

With the realization of the key role online marketing plays came an equal demand for such services. The result is a plethora of digital agencies in Kenya and abroad, promising outstanding results for minimum, or in some cases, premium costs. But how do you know who trust with your hard earned money?

In this article, we help you determine the best digital agencies in Kenya for you and your brand. Here are the key areas you want to look at:

Your company goals

If you are about to hire a digital marketing agency, you have certain goals that you want to accomplish. A deep understanding of what you want is crucial.

Questions you want to ask yourself include:

  • Why exactly do you want to work with an agency and not an in house team?
  • What do you want the online agency in Kenya to accomplish for you?
  • What is your budget for the goals you have in mind?


Answering such questions will drastically reduce your number of potential candidates because…

Each Agency Has Its Core Strengths

As mentioned, the number of digital agencies in Kenya is vast. Luckily, digital marketing is a dynamic industry. From Search Engine Optimization, to Pay Per Click, from Social Media Marketing to content creation and so much more, one company can only cover so much.

Agencies tend to specialize on certain aspects of digital marketing. Some are good at delivering to your industry audience, e.g. agencies with experience in the health industry may best suit companies in that niche. Others may be better at using certain platforms such as Google or social platforms.

Hence, aligning your goals with the company that can best deliver them becomes a simple process. The next item on your checklist would be…

Determining success

Having identified what your goals are, determine what the agency will use as a mark of achieving them. What tools will they use to measure the success of each campaign? How will they present that information to you and how often?

If happy with what you’ve heard so far, its time to find out if they are any good at keeping their word. You need to check their…

Industry Experience

Due to the gap between supply and demand of competent digital agencies in Kenya, many agencies sprouted overnight. This makes separating the wheat from the chaff a tedious process.

However, quality speaks for itself. A quick analysis of the experience the agency has and the results achieved for clients will quickly narrow down your list even further.

Check whether;

Also ask for recommendations from previous clients for verification. After all, who better to give you a true reflection of an agency than someone who’s worked with it?

So far so good. If you are happy with all the above, then lets move on to the last item…

Culture compatibility

Just like you are a unique individual, each company has its own culture and identity. It’s important to determine early enough how well your company culture aligns with the digital marketing agency you intend to bring into the fold.

This is because, to succeed, both companies must work as closely as possible. Planning, implementing and evaluating campaigns is a team effort. Your teams should be able to sit down and brainstorm as a team.

What does your gut tell you? At times, plain liking the people involved with the agency can be a great indicator of how the working relationship will be like. Don’t underestimate the importance of culture compatibility.


At the end of the day, there are many factors that come into play when choosing from the digital agencies in Kenya. However, once you’ve made the right decision, working together should be a cinch.

At Dragonfly Limited, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver creative campaigns that deliver on client targets. After all, you don’t win multiple awards unless your delivery is as on point as your creativity. Contact us for any inquires.