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On Monday, 15th October, the world of digital marketing agencies in Kenya came to a collective pause. Like the proverbial Rome, all roads led to the Movenpick Hotel in Westlands where Google for Kenya were having an exclusive Digital Marketing Masterclass.

This presented a unique opportunity for the digital media companies in Kenya. And judging by the number of attendees, the vast majority of agencies had their representatives in the house.

Youtube Video Breakdown

digital marketing agencies in kenya, google training in kenya

The first session was opened by Artwell Nwaila, Google Head of Creative Agencies in South Africa. A thoroughly engaging speaker, Artwell presented data collected from numerous case studies done.

His team had analysed hours of video to determine the best way advertisers could format Youtube ads for maximum engagement and recall. In summary, he advised that the best performing ads have four key elements that cannot be ignored.

They :

  1. Attract – Capture attention as fast as possible.
  2. Brand – They include the brand in the ad naturally and with purpose.
  3. Connect – They connect with the audience using emotion & compelling storytelling.
  4. Direct – Finally, great ads leave no doubt in the mind of the viewer on what is the next step to take after watching the ad. They have a strong call to action that is in line with the ad content.

A more thorough blog post expanding on the ideas above will be coming along shortly so keep an eye out!

Google Marketing Platform

After the fast pace set by Artwell, the next speaker was Martin S. Stenner, the Industry Manager, Google Marketing Platform.

Martin had travelled all the way from Denmark to attend the said event. Tall and impeccably dressed, he spoke to a room of rapt media managers, strategists and analysts on the potential held in Google Marketing Platform.

digital marketing agencies in kenya, google training in kenyaThe Google Marketing Platform is a brainchild of Google that has been in the works for over 10 years, as Martin revealed to me later in the day. In Google’s own words, the Platform is:

“A unified advertising and analytics platform that enables stronger collaboration for your marketing teams by building on existing integrations between DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 Suite.”

In plain English, it brings together all your favourite Google Programmatic tools under one roof. This enables you to plan, buy, measure and optimize your online media in one place.

“That’s great! What about the charges?” I hear the prudent ask. A mere, paltry, measly 5% of your intended spends. Yet another topic that could do with its own blog post. You have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks ;).

Mzamo Masito’s Question & Answer Session

To close the session, we had the rare opportunity to meet Google’s Chief Marketing Officer for Africa, Mzamo Masito. Despite the engaging presentation by Artwell, and Martin’s fascinating take on the next big thing in the digital industry, Mzamo’s question and answer session left a far wider impression on the room.

As witty as he is charming, Mzamo Masito is a character that I would not be surprised to find gracing the covers of a thoroughly entertaining book. From the dizzying number of positions he’s held, to the delicate intricacies present in gender relations in the work place, to even more personal matters such as family, Mzamo is comfortable discussing a wide array of topics.

His session left the room full of online marketing agencies representatives in stitches, inspired and motivated to dream bigger and aim for more. After all, he did get to lead “The World Cup” for Nike. A tale that you are poorer for not having heard.


A Great End to a Great Day…

digital marketing agencies in kenya, google training in kenya

Finally, Google being Google, the evening ended with an entertaining session.  A live band played as the guests mingled, enjoyed Google’s panoramic Google Maps experience and left at their own pleasure.

Overall, a productive afternoon and evening for digital marketing agencies in Kenya involved. We as Dragonfly enjoyed the opportunity to enhance our ability to deliver relevant ads to the right people at the right time. Looking forward to the next one.

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