No matter the ups and downs every family encounters, the love bond keeps them together. We are proud to have hosted #EveryLoveHasAStory for Dairyland. We used the art of puppetry to make the story come alive and engage with the audience. Dairyland had a Facebook Live video running every day at 11am from the 8th to the 14th of February. This was the first time Facebook Live has been used to promote a social novella by a product brand in Kenya.

Comments from the audience fuelled the storyline. The live audience got to comment on the videos which the puppeteers used to create a story. The puppets were designed and made in Kenya by a Kenyan artist. At the end of the campaign, fans got rewarded with Dairyland Valentine hampers and IMAX movie tickets to watch the Black Panther.

Augmented Reality was then used to make the videos available to offline Dairyland fans. On the morning of the 14th, chocolart was gifted to commuters in major roundabouts. On the back of each pack, there was a photo that can be scanned to watch the social novella

Happy Valentine’s.