Experiential marketing helps brands interact in person with existing customers while meeting potential new buyers. Creating synergy between your digital and experiential marketing campaigns will increase brand awareness, retention of customers, and can help you realize increased sales! One way for brands to ensure that experiential marketing continues to increase its ROI and help events live past their execution time period is through social sharing.

Integrating social media into experiential marketing is not as simple as just having a link or hashtag. The integration of social media needs to be true to what is at the heart of experiential and that is the brand experience. If an experiential program is done well the experience will motivate consumers to not only adopt the brand but to become brand advocates, encouraging others to adopt the brand as well.

Brands should use social sites to create a two-way dialog with consumers and kick off a conversation, which should continue during and after the experience. This will help them feel heard and validated.

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Use social media, email marketing and a responsive website design to communicate your campaign message and give your audience a sneak preview of what to expect and incorporate the event details in your social media banners

Make any official announcements on various social media platforms and ask employees and supporters to share. You can also tag anyone who will be presenting or speaking at the event.

Create an online ticketing landing page for your event-even if it’s free—so your guests can RSVP and mark the event on their calendars.

Create a hashtag that’s unique to the event and use it regularly on social media prior to your event.


 Showcase activities happening at the event on your social media so that you give your guests and audience sharable content & show everyone else to see what they’re missing on. This is how you do it

Create a unique hash tag for the experience

Publish posts with images and videos of the activities taking place at regular intervals.

Encourage attendees to participate in the conversation online by sharing and tweeting images and videos using the unique event hash tag.

Tag users who engage with you on their social media. Be sure to follow them to build a more effective relationships with them

You can offer incentives to attendees so as to increase engagement by rewarding the most active fans on social media with gift hampers..

Live stream videos of the experience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Get video testimonials on customer experiences

You can have influencers to create a buzz online and help make the event trend on social media

Incorporate ways to capture data on your in-person attendees


Follow up with your attendees and thank for them for attending your event and invite them to continue the relationship online by following your brand on social media.

Monitor the performance of your posts and analyze your data to determine if there was a rise in traffic in your digital assets. This will help you understand which activities are working best and help you put an informed marketing strategy

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Our approach to experiential marketing is like no other! We have perfected the art of incorporating digital elements in experiential activation by working closely with our clients to conceptualize and provide the digital expertise to amplify, enhance and successfully execute an experiential activation.