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Tictac Behind The Music


  • -Social Media
  • -Microsite
  • -Radio
  • -Roadshow
  • -Print
  • -Media Buying
  • -Experiental


An unfavourable brand perception had to be overcome, within a very short time. Doing this meant penetrating the mass market with a new, resonant brand message.


‘Get Close’, was the idea. Go to where the market is. #RefreshmentShared was selected as the message to deliver.An 8 day roadshow took the message out. The route was designed to follow high density, urban areas.By evoking childhood experiences, and offering competitions with spot prizes, the brand ambassador reinforced the core message.Online, we encouraged audiences to attend the next roadshow by providing the route-plan. Those who shared a video of them singing the Tic Tac jingle won rewards.


Sales went up. Along with Facebook reach, leads and engagement online.


  • 1.7M

    Facebook reach

  • 21%

    Ad recall

  • 2K

    people visited the microsite

  • 89K

    people reached during on-ground activations

  • 250K

    sales in 8 days

  • 350

    new leads for retail in visited areas