Trees are undeniably one of the greatest heroes of planet earth.  We simply can’t ignore its value and the indisputable role trees play in the environment. Trees not only provide environmental protection, but also significant income and livelihood options for more than one million forest-dependent people. Moreover, they provide cover over the earth’s surface, preventing excessive heating up by solar rays. They are a source of rain, timber, medicine, shade, beautification and soil fertility. Forests are a home for various species of flora and fauna and the focal point for Kenya Water Towers. Now imagine life without the trees?


Where there is a problem, there is a great opportunity for people to come together to make a change. As part of our responsibility, Dragonfly took the initiative to plant more trees at Karura Forest.  The fulfillment that comes with getting down and dirty just to save our next generation is totally worth it. “It’s humbling to know that by planting these trees we have positively impacted the environment for the future generations”, Saddam, Dragonfly’s Founder, reflected.

According to the Kenya Forest Services (KFS), Kenya has a forest cover of 1.7 per cent, far below the globally recommended minimum of 10 per cent. The management of these forest resources faces some challenges. The main being the conversion of forestland into settlement areas and agricultural land which has slowed down the efforts to conserve forests and maintain major water towers.


Environmental conservation calls for collective responsibility and commitment. KFS says Kenya needs to plant over 384 million tree seedlings to meet the international recommended forest landmass cover of 10%.  So why not be the one to help your motherland get to 10% forest landmass cover or even more? Buy that seedling and plant your tree Today.