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Nutella, the famous spread, had not made inroads in Kenya, slowed by high loyalty to incumbents. A way to breakfast tables had to be found.


  • -Research
  • - Retail Marketing
  • - Shopper Marketing
  • -Experiential


Grow Nutella’s market-share: in a market dominated by incumbents. And where shoppers had never experienced the brands unique differentiator: taste.


Our solution? An activation that took the competition directly to where it mattered: taste. ’Start your day with Nutella’ was the concept we took to major supermarkets; along with branded sampling stations. All who sampled a taste of Nutella and bought Nutella were awarded with an extra loaf of bread - to enjoy their next breakfast even more.


Results impressed all involved: a sales pop in leading stores, increased display and and expanded shelf-share for the brand. Not counting the many breakfast tables transformed forever.


  • 7%

    increase in sales