Personal branding is an ongoing and never ending process that involves establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about yourself. It expresses and communicates your skills, personality and values to the outside world.

Personal branding

In today’s age of online living, almost everyone with a digital footprint (whether they are conscious of it or not) already have an identity that can be attributed to; their LinkedIn profile , a tweet, a blog post, a comment on a news site or social media page, a photo on their Instagram or a status on their Facebook page. All this accumulates to an image that contributes to their personal brand. But just how do you establish your personal brand?

Identify your values and set your priorities Have a clear picture of your personal and professional goals, both short and long-term. This will help you identify the most important things to spend your time on. Use your values and priorities as a guide to your actions and decision-making process so as to ensure you stay on track and are you’re clear on what you want to achieve and how you intend to do it.

Identify your uniqueness and strengths Analyze and think about your strengths. What is the one thing that people say you are good at? Perfect on this attributes and aim to become an expert in the area by learning from; having mentors that can  guide and advice you, taking short courses, constant reading and watching  and even listening of online tutorials for your own self-improvement. You can then choose to focus more on what excites you and what you love doing.

Using the Digital Space to Enhance Your Personal Brand

Identifying your strengths and values is just the first step in repackaging and rebranding yourself. You need to enhance the visibility of your personal brand by creatively and strategically marketing yourself so as to communicate your message to the right people. Establishing and building an online presence and following is a must have for anyone keen on positioning themselves as a brand.

Social Networks

Anyone with a social media platform can create and share engaging content. If you are keen on growing your personal brand, begin to take a fresh approach to the types of updates you share with your network.  Develop a persona that reflects your personal values and professional skills that should also be reflective and consistent with your offline persona as well. You can then come up with unique and engaging content about your field of expertise or your interests to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. You can also join numerous groups found within social networks that focus on industries and topics that are specific to you where you can share your knowledge, build your networks as this will help in building authority around your personal brand.

Blogging/ Vlogging

Are you a creative with a burning desire to share some of your thoughts and opinions? It’s time you thought about starting your own blog/ vlog where you can express and share your passions, knowledge and showcase your expertise. This will help you connect with like-minded individuals who share the same interest as yourself and increase your online following, help you build new friendships & professional networks and help you get the attention and recognition of leaders and peers in your field of interest or industry as an authoritative source of information.

Building a credible personal brand takes time & effort and should therefore be a deliberate and proactive initiative. Work to improve on yourself and your image because when all is said and done, it’s not about how people perceive you but what you actually bring on the table.
“When you are one of a kind there is no competition”- Sam Horn