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Tic Tac presented us with a unique challenge: A global brand (with little history in the market) that needed to roll out a new pack: 33 pills with 4 flavours, fast. Awareness had to meet buzz.


  • -Research
  • -OOH
  • - Radio
  • - Activation


Reaching a completely new market segment, while repositioning a global brand, was a tricky job.


Our strategy began with research task: define the target audience.

Once done, this showed us who the potential market was: young, fun loving people. Free spirits who prefer to live life with passion and lots of volume.

We designed our campaign around the research insights: selecting radio and OOH as the perfect media to reach the target. The radio jingle was an outstanding success, capturing the product essence (shareability) in one memorable soundbite.

Strategic Billboards and campus activations featuring gamified brand experiences completed the score.


Results outdid expectations. Brand recognition, and sales increased. And Tic Tac was back in its usual position: the top-of-mind product in its category. It clearly paid for Tic Tac to be heard by the right audiences.


  • 3,000

    Campus Activation Reach