The Dragonfly Culture

People can sometimes be very funny, you give them a community to be in and they will always want more for themselves from that community. Here at Dragonfly we want more, but we want more for each other and for our clients. Here’s the Dragonfly Culture.

When you come to Dragonfly, the concept of a lone man working gets left with your shoes at the door. We are a group of people who everyday come together to share our ideas. Everyone has an idea and we believe that it is best to listen to everyone’s ideas. The best app design can come from a community manager and the best social media campaign idea can come from a back-end developer. This collaborative culture has made us more than just co-workers, we are a community.

The open office setup we have makes this really easy. If you think you need help from someone you can easily reach out to them or call out to them and they will answer. You have a view of everyone even our founder. He does not have a fancy office with a swiveling leather chair with a high arched back and glass walls. He seats, eats and plays with the rest of us.

The concept of leaving your lonesome self outside with your shoes seems odd but yes, we do leave our shoes outside. No, we do not walk barefoot, unless you want to. We put on fancy crocs. These crocs have a personality of their own and it rubs off on you. Giving your toes ample space to wiggle around and your feet a spongy surface to rest, makes you productive. We never worry that someone will remove their stuffy shoes and distract all of us the whole afternoon. There is peace. Always.

Our crocs and our office have something in common. They are very colourful. We have different colourerd tables and bright red meeting room chairs and our balcony has some dark green grass. Having colour around you makes you more cheerful which makes you a fun person for people to hang around. It is something that touches people as odd but we rather have vibrant colours than the brown corporate tables that are in every office.

When we hold meetings with clients or just conduct interviews people have a choice of picking the conference room or the balcony. The balcony offers a rich scenic view of Westland and you get the breeze caringly passing you. This removes all the communication barriers as it puts you at ease making the communication flow freely. If there is anything to be projected then the meeting room becomes ideal because we like to put our ideas in visuals and take the clients through the journey we had coming up with the idea.

Eventually after a long day of work, we know we deserve to indulge in some fun activities. We have a playstation with various games, we play card games both with the normal deck of cards and Cards against humanity. All in all we have work hard and play hard both at their own times. Anyway all work and no play makes creative minds wither.