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Unga Wa Dola – April Fools Day


April Fools is a popular day for tactical brand advertising. Unga Wa Dola, a leading flour brand, decided to join the fun.


  • -Strategy
  • -Social Media
  • - Media Buying
  • -Microsite
  • - Production


How could Unga wa Dola possibly stand out on just one single day? And a heavily marketed one at that?


Pulling a prank will definitely get you noticed. Ours involved short videos shared on Facebook that showed how to prepare instant * meals with Unga wa Dola. Only that the ‘instant Ugali’ and ‘instant Chapati’ were a complete joke.
A microsite created alongside allowed users to create and share their own instant meals.


Along with an impressive reach, the already large social fan numbers grew significantly.


  • 3.1K

    people viewed the video

  • 151K

    people reache

  • 43K

    people viewed the video

  • 3756

    new fans on Facebook