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Unga Wa Dola


Kitui Flour Mills LTD, a miller with 20years in the market, have their flagship brand Unga Wa Dola a high quality product. But a low brand recognition & retail presence nationally led to the 360 revamp.


  • -Research
  • - Strategy
  • - Media
  • - Experiential
  • - Digital
  • - Creative Execution
  • - Advertising Campaign: TV


Taking the ‘Unga wa Dola’ from an unknown brand to universal awareness, was the core challenge. This newly unlocked value was to ripple out and lift sales, share of voice online and in-store recognition.


‘Shwari’ was the word that opened the market for Unga wa Dola online. Swahili for ‘perfect’, it took the brand experience to the widest possible audience. Initial Research had revealed that female shoppers were behind majority of the purchase decisions. Brand ambassador Eric Omondi, a leading comedian in Africa, drove a campaign with this market segment at its core. The extra buzz around his up-coming wedding lifted publicity even more.TV was the lead media selected, and the message cascaded to other channels.


1. The Brand listed in key supermarkets countrywide
2. Sales experienced an increase, distribution in new sales regions in the country due to demand
3. Ranked third on social bakers under the FMCG category and considered as the fastest growing social media platform